Vodka from Tennessee? You bet.

We’re not ones to stick to the norm or follow the status quo, but we do appreciate our Tennessee heritage and tradition. With this fine spirit, we’re taking these beliefs and distilling our Vodka true to its Tennessee name. One of our state’s primary row crops is corn, and 100% corn is what our vodka will be made from. Earlier this year we partnered with Long Vue Farms, a small operation farming land in Tennessee and Kentucky, to grow our 100% non-GMO corn. After this corn is mashed and fermented, it will first pass through our 23 foot tall distillation column and then into our 500 gallon copper pot still for one final distillation. What comes off of the pot still is great product, but we’re not content leaving it as is. We put one final “Tennessee Touch” on the vodka by filtering it through the same sugar maple charcoal we’ll be using for our Tennessee Whiskey.

But let’s back up … Vodka has to be made from potatoes, right? Actually, vodka can be made from absolutely anything that can go through fermentation … sugar water, grapes, apples, honey, grains, etc… the list is endless. Federal law only requires that vodka be distilled to no less than 190 proof (or 95% alcohol) before it is proofed down to bottling strength … 80 proof for our spirit.

Check back here next week where we’ll be giving you some inside info on what makes our Smooth Shine Tennessee Moonshine truly live up to its name.