about Old Glory

For us, it’s all about hand-crafting spirits the right way. In the case of our Tennessee Whiskey & Bourbon, that means using grains grown by the farmers we run into at the barbershop and never taking shortcuts. We grind, cook, ferment, distill & patiently age every drop of Old Glory Tennessee Bourbon and Whiskey on site. The oak barrels only ask for time to work their magic, and as a self-respecting Tennessee Whiskey distiller, we don’t to mess with what works.

If Whiskey doesn’t strike your fancy, we’ll be sure to convert you, but in the meantime, we’ve developed a true Tennessee Vodka that’s sure to please. We start with a neutral base, but of course, us being proud Tennesseans, “stock” just doesn’t cut it. In true Old Glory fashion, we send it through our copper pot still and carefully filter it through the same sugar maple charcoal used for our Tennessee Whiskey. The result? Well, let’s just say martinis and gimlets will never be the same.

Here’s to all the good times to come! Cheers!

About Matt

Learn more about Old Glory Distilling Company in Clarksville, Tennesee, where we proudly hand craft whiskey, bourbon, and vodka.

In the years it’s taken this venture to go from concept to reality, I’ve been referred to a few too many times as Mr. Cunningham. Mr. Cunningham was my Dad. And even he would’ve disagreed and told you that Mr. Cunningham was my Grandfather. I started this company when I was 22 years old, and I’m simply Matt.

I spent the first 18 years of my life in Clarksville, Tennessee and the next four at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. It’s probably no surprise, but I definitely learned more outside the classroom than in. That being said, though, my college experience with alcohol wasn’t what you’ve probably got in mind. I always preferred quality over quantity, and I quickly became fascinated with the craft movement. At this point, it was strictly a fascination, but it soon developed into much more.

Only one semester away from graduating with a financial management and investments degree, I came to the realization that I’d never be able to sit at a desk … not even for a short while. I graduated, packed my bags, and moved back home where I had the opportunity to live out every little kid’s dream. I was a full-time firefighter for nearly four years, and I absolutely loved every minute of it. I worked every third day for 24 hours and then I’d have the next 48 hours off. The 48 hours off was almost entirely dedicated to this one-time fascination turned idea of opening a craft distillery in my hometown.

Growing up right here in Clarksville, the idea behind the distillery was so much more than a business to me. More than anything, it was an opportunity to bring something to the city that everyone would be excited about and be proud to call their own. This is not my distillery. This is Clarksville’s Old Glory Distilling Company, and the products we proudly craft are a representation of the hardworking, patriotic, and unyielding character that embody our city and this great country.