How We Fit Into the “Craft” Movement

While the craft beer boom has grown over the past 10 years and remains popular today, we are on the cusp of another boom that will have some roots right here in Clarksville: craft distilling. Since 2003, the number of craft distilleries in the United States has grown from just a few dozen to well over 1,000, and that number is continuing to grow. Home distilling is illegal and therefore hampers some of the creativity that brewers enjoy, but that doesn’t stop licensed distillers from producing innovative products that are different than the same mass-produced spirits we have been stuck with previously.

We at Old Glory are embracing the coming rise in craft distilling and are excited to bring fine craft spirits here to Clarksville. Even the main spirits we are starting out with have unique touches that make them only Old Glory’s. To illustrate this, we’ll begin tomorrow introducing those spirits so you can see our take on “craft”.  Every Tuesday we will post one of our brands along with some insight on how we’ll craft each, so you will know exactly what you’ll be sippin’ on when we open soon!