Contract Distilling & Co-Packing

Contract Distilling & Co-Packing

Crafting award-winning spirits isn’t just our job – it’s our passion, our craft. Whether it’s distilling signature creations under our esteemed label or tailoring unique spirits for your brand, excellence is our standard. Our contract distilling production services aren’t just comprehensive; they’re a journey from the birth of new-make spirit in barrels all the way through to order fulfillment to your distributors.

We take immense pride in our tools of the trade – especially our American-made equipment from Vendome Copper & Brass Works. The crown jewel of our distillery is a magnificent, 100% copper 14″ continuous column and doubler. This isn’t just machinery; it’s the heart and soul of our bourbon and whiskey production. Here, tradition meets innovation, where each drop of spirit reflects our commitment to quality and the rich heritage of distilling.

Let’s create not just spirits, but legacies – together.

Our Services

  • New Make Bourbon Barrel Production
  • Bulk Spirits Production
  • Barrel Storage
  • Custom Recipe Development
  • Contract Blending & Bottling
  • Distribution Order Fulfillment

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