Clarksville’s First “Legal” Moonshine

Moonshining runs deep here in Tennessee, and we’re proud to say the craft is still alive and well! We’ve tasted many a jar, and each one embodies the hard work each of these men (and women believe it or not!) put into their product. Through all of our “research,” some of the smoothest and finest we’ve tasted have used wheat as the primary flavor grain. We listened to our taste buds on this one, and developed our recipe with a very nice touch of wheat.

Smooth Shine is just as much a product description as it is the name of this fine spirit. We’ve all had the Shine that you had to fight a small battle just to get down, so we’re taming this Smooth Shine for a drinking experience you’ll be sure to enjoy. Be looking for this fine spirit on shelves and in the distillery gift shop and tasting room January 2016.

P.S. If you’re an apple pie fan, we’ve got something special in the works!