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The Old Glory story is set In the heart of Clarksville, Tennessee.

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“We’re a Tennessee Bourbon distillery located in a part of America that doesn’t worship novelty or look favorably upon flashes in the pan. How do we know? We grew up here in Clarksville, Tennessee, and our give-a-damn runs pretty high.”

– Matt Cunningham, Proprietor

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How It’s Made


Small Batch is a term that’s used a little too loosely in the world we live in, so let us explain what Small Batch means the Old Glory way. A sample is pulled from each and every barrel in the blend, and each sample is individually analyzed for its aroma, taste, mouthfeel, and its finish. We then started blending the samples that make the cut, until we find what we believe to be the perfect balance of character between the small 25 gallon and standard 53 gallon white American oak barrels. The result is a truly unique Small Batch blend that we’re proud to share with you and yours.

Bourbon bliss with a peachy twist. 🍑 Say hello to a cocktail loaded with allll the good stuff - PEACH IN THE PARK!

👉Southern Peach Smooth Shine, Bottled-In-Bond Tennessee Bourbon, Pineapple & Orange Juice, House-Made Grenadine
Spirit-Infused, Made-From Scratch Dishes. 🥃
Tennessee Bourbon Maple Cream. 🍁 Grab a bottle of this Bottle Shop exclusive on your next visit and take home a little taste of Tennessee. 

It’s perfect for sipping over ice, shaking up a smooth espresso martini, or replacing the cream in your coffee. And for the bakers out there? It’s the secret ingredient your recipes were waiting for. 

Cheers to Tennessee flavors!
☀️Weekend forecast: sunny with a 100% chance of Fine Tennessee Spirits. Take advantage of the beautiful weather by diving into the Old Glory experience with us!

From daily tours and tastings to our Tennessee Bourbon and spirit-inspired dishes, every visit to our distillery campus is a journey through tradition and flavors. We’ll see you weekend warriors and bourbon enthusiasts soon!