UPDATE on Old Glory Distilling Co.

We’ve been a little quiet on the blog front recently, but things have been anything but that behind our closed doors. If you’ve been following us on Instagram, you’ve seen a glimpse of the excitement. Our 2 beautiful stills and fermentation tanks have made their way to their permanent home … front and center when you enter through our double doors.

All of the hardwood flooring from Thomas Lumber Co. and beautifully stained doors and trim by David Wallus and Company are now complete as well. As evident in the pictures below, these guys are true craftsmen, and their work is second to none.

As a Federally Bonded facility, Uncle Sam makes sure his tax dollars are well secured. In addition to special order Tax and Trade Bureau locks, a 24 hour video surveillance system was a must-have. The guys at Wired for Life Systems came in and not only secured the premises, but installed the 12 Speaker/24 Foot State-of-the-Art Sound and Projector system in our main event venue. In our Conference and Meeting Room, the fully concealed 100″ Projector Screen and In-Wall Surround Sound is quite impressive as well.

So Are You Open!?

If you’ve driven by on the weekends, there’s a chance you’ve seen our parking lot full. So are we open? Yes! and No. Our 7,000 square foot multi-level venue is now officially open for weddings, receptions, and parties, but the distillery, gift shop, and tasting room are still in the works. Just like Tennessee Whiskey, great things take time … and in this case, more time than we had anticipated! We’re still about 1 month away from being fully operational, where then it’ll take us a few weeks to build inventory. At that point, we’ll launch into stores and open for tours and tastings where the real fun will begin!