Bourbon Production has Begun!

After a few months of breaking the stills in on our initial lineup of clear spirits, Bourbon production is now in full swing!

But I thought you could only make Bourbon in Kentucky?

It’s one of the most common misconceptions in the spirits industry. Bourbon can actually be made anywhere in the United States. While most of the world’s bourbon is made in Kentucky, it doesn’t have to be. The legal requirements are that at least 51% of the mash bill (aka recipe) is corn, the rest of the mash bill must be all grain, and it must be aged in a brand new charred white American oak barrel. There’s no age requirement – legally speaking, we could dump the unaged spirit into a barrel, then immediately dump it right back out and call it bourbon.

So how long before you actually release it?

Our first barrels will be released December 2017. This December release will be coming from 10-gallon casks vs. our typical 25 gallon and 53 gallon barrels. Smaller barrels age spirits in a shorter amount of time than the larger barrels due to the ratio of surface of area of wood to volume of liquid.

So how to do we know what it’s going to taste like? If it’s good going in, it’ll be great coming out – and we couldn’t be more excited about the unaged spirit we have going in. We can hardly wait to start pulling samples!