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Grand Opening Details!

October 23, 2016

In just a few short days, the tasting bar and gift shop at Old Glory Distilling Co. will open for the very first time. It’s been a fun ride leading up to this point … but the real excitement is just beginning!

On Saturday, we’ll be releasing our spirits for sale at not only our gift shop and tasting bar, but also at all retail locations where spirits are sold in Montgomery County. All locations will have a select amount of bottles from our first batch, but quantities will be limited!

Saturday’s Timeline:

At this time, we’ll begin bottle and merchandise sales from the gift shop.

We’ll begin tastings of each of our spirits at the tasting bar, live music will begin on the back lawn, and food trucks will begin arrive. As long as the forecast holds, it’s going to be a beautiful day outside! Feel free to bring along a blanket and lawn chairs to relax and enjoy the day. This will be a very family friendly event.

We’ll begin winding down the outdoor festivities and live music, but our gift shop and tasting bar will remain open into the evening. We’ll be closing our doors at 8:00PM.

We’re expecting attendance to be high, and the supply of our spirits is limited! If we do sell out, it’ll take around a week for our next batch to become available. We can’t wait to meet everyone!


Grain, Glass, & Raw Materials Now Arriving

July 20, 2016

You might have heard through the grapevine, or maybe even seen the trucks at Old Glory Distilling Co. delivering the first round of raw materials for spirit production to begin. If you follow us on Instagram, you’ve seen a few sneak peeks of our Caribbean Molasses, our locally grown non-GMO corn, and our American Made Smooth Shine Moonshine Bottles. Those inside looks are just the beginning of the many bushels of grain and pallets of glass that have been making their way into the distillery.

In addition to our local non-GMO corn, Long Vue Farms is readying the wheat necessary for our Smooth Shine Tennessee Moonshine. Wheat is difference maker and key ingredient to what sets our Shine a step above the rest. Many are all too familiar with the harsh bite of corn and sugar shine. With wheat as our base, we’ve removed the harsh “bite” of corn and introduced the smooth “kiss” of wheat to this southern classic.


Possibly the most important, yet underappreciated ingredient to the whole process is our yeast that arrived a few days ago. Without it, we’d be a “Craft Grits Factory.” When we cook our mash, we’re essentially cooking an enormous 1000 Gallon batch of sweet southern grits. When the yeast are introduced to the batch, they eat up all the sugar in the mash turning it into 1. Carbon Dioxide and 2. Alcohol. Once their work is done, the once sweet batch of grits is now a 10% alcohol distillers “beer” ready to distill.

Over the next 2 weeks, the final pieces of the puzzle will be rolling through our doors, and the production of Clarksville’s Fine Tennessee Spirits will begin. We will not be open to the public for tours and tastings during this initial production phase, but we’ll be keeping everyone updated on our timeline to launch and where you’ll be able to pick up one of the first bottles to roll off the line. Cheers!

UPDATE on Old Glory Distilling Co.

February 26, 2016

We’ve been a little quiet on the blog front recently, but things have been anything but that behind our closed doors. If you’ve been following us on Instagram, you’ve seen a glimpse of the excitement. Our 2 beautiful stills and fermentation tanks have made their way to their permanent home … front and center when you enter through our double doors.


All of the hardwood flooring from Thomas Lumber Co. and beautifully stained doors and trim by David Wallus and Company are now complete as well. As evident in the pictures below, these guys are true craftsmen, and their work is second to none.

As a Federally Bonded facility, Uncle Sam makes sure his tax dollars are well secured. In addition to special order Tax and Trade Bureau locks, a 24 hour video surveillance system was a must-have. The guys at Wired for Life Systems came in and not only secured the premises, but installed the 12 Speaker/24 Foot State-of-the-Art Sound and Projector system in our main event venue. In our Conference and Meeting Room, the fully concealed 100″ Projector Screen and In-Wall Surround Sound is quite impressive as well.

So Are You Open!?

If you’ve driven by on the weekends, there’s a chance you’ve seen our parking lot full. So are we open? Yes! and No. Our 7,000 square foot multi-level venue is now officially open for weddings, receptions, and parties, but the distillery, gift shop, and tasting room are still in the works. Just like Tennessee Whiskey, great things take time … and in this case, more time than we had anticipated! We’re still about 1 month away from being fully operational, where then it’ll take us a few weeks to build inventory. At that point, we’ll launch into stores and open for tours and tastings where the real fun will begin!

Adopt-A-Barrel from Old Glory Distilling Co.

December 14, 2015

Barrel head with OG logo - Facebook

Adopting an animal for your loved one this Christmas is a risky move. On the other hand, adopting a barrel of whiskey is a sure bet. Through Kickstarter, we’re introducing and giving early access to our Barrel Adoption Program.

When you adopt one of our 53 Gallon Charred American Oak barrels, you’ll be staking claim to not only the wooden cask, but also prime real estate in our barrel warehouse for all visitors to see. Whether you choose your name, your company logo, or your dog’s name, it will be burned into the barrel head and put on display for years to come. You’ll be proud to bring friends and family to the distillery to show them what you’re a part of.

After your barrel’s work is done (approximately 4 years), we’ll bottle the fine Tennessee Whiskey or Bourbon it’s been caring for, and the empty barrel will be yours to cherish and keep. In addition to the empty barrel, you’ll receive the first 5 bottles of premium spirit that your barrel produces.

These barrels are the ultimate one of a kind gift for someone … or for yourself. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the “Honey, Look what you bought me for Christmas!” move. It’s one she’s guaranteed to be on board with.

Adopting a barrel is only available here on our Kickstarter page though December 20th, 2015. Thank you for your support and for helping spread the word!

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Official Taste Tester Positions Now Available

December 11, 2015


It’s a rough job, but somebody’s got to do it! We’ve officially opened up enrollment in our Official Taste Tester program. Interested?

Being an Official Taste Tester gives you exclusive VIP access to not only our whiskey and bourbon while it’s aging, but also any new and experimental products we’ve got in the works.  Twice a year we’ll hold a special tasting event only for our Official Taste Testers where we sample the aging Tennessee Whiskey and Bourbon barrels. You’ll be the one that let’s us know when it’s time to finally spill the barrel, and you’ll have first dibs on purchasing bottles from these barrels.

Being officially part of the crew, you’ll need some official gear. All taste testers will be issued Official Old Glory Polo’s embroidered with your name and position. You will also receive a personalized taste testing glass and an Official Taste Tester Identification Card.

If you believe you’re fit for the job, consider this your official offer. Positions are only available through our Kickstarter campaign which can be accessed here. Offer expires December 20th, 2015. Cheers!

Help Fill Old Glory’s First Whiskey Barrels – Kickstarter Now LIVE!

December 8, 2015

With Clarksville being our hometown, we’ve decided to do something special for our first round of Tennessee Whiskey and Bourbon barrels. Just being made here isn’t enough. We want all of Clarksville to have the opportunity to help fill our first whiskey barrels.

You mean literally help pour the whiskey into them? Not quite… it’s actually WAY more exciting! We’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign to pre-sell some of our branded merchandise as well as introduce our Taste Testing Program and give you the opportunity to have your very own custom 5 gallon barrel of whiskey! The money we raise from this campaign will go directly towards the purchase of our initial grain order and whiskey barrels. By being one of the first to get your hands on some merch, you’ll become part of the first whiskey ever made in Clarksville.


With Christmas right around the corner, we wanted to launch this in time to get everyone on your list covered with some awesome gifts. These offers will only be available for the next TWELVE days, ending on the evening of December 20th. However, the sooner we reach our goal, the sooner we can get everything shipped to you. Hats and shirts aren’t the only things we want you to get in your hands. Click here to check out the full campaign. Be sure to watch the video and see the complete list of rewards we have to offer!

We hope you’re as excited as we are to be part of Clarksville’s first whiskey! To give us a big hand in getting this campaign off the ground, a quick Share of our Kickstarter page would be greatly appreciated! We can’t thank you enough for your support!



Tennessee’s New Wedding & Event Venue at Old Glory

November 3, 2015

So you’ve heard about Clarksville’s Fine Tennessee Spirits about to start flowing out of our stills, but we’re currently crafting something other than spirits behind our brick walls.  In the same fashion as we treat our Fine Tennessee Whiskey, we’re building out an event venue that’s second to none. The multilevel space surrounds the production facility with showcase windows focusing on our beautiful copper pot still and distillation columns. Our goal is to bring you and your guests into a true one of a kind venue for an event that will never be forgotten.

The main indoor space will comfortably seat 400 guests at banquet tables with room to spare for a band and dance floor. The venue was designed with a mezzanine level to accommodate larger events, while still offering a very intimate space using only the lower level for events with a more exclusive guest list.  For those beautiful summer nights, the full glass 16 foot overhead doors can be opened to lead out onto the back patio and greenspace.  Once outdoors your guests will enjoy the ambiance of whiskey barrels and the large fire pit accented by patio string lighting.


If an outdoor wedding is your dream, the beautifully landscaped distillery grounds will be the perfect setting. The 7 acre property is designed for outdoor wedding ceremonies that smoothly transition inside the distillery for the reception.


While drinking at work is normally frowned upon, we think the boss man will probably make an exception for this one. Whether it’s a training session or an annual seminar, we’re going to spice it up for you. The space features full audio/video capabilities to meet every need, BUT the real treat is the full tour and tasting for every attendee included in the room rental.


Our venue offers a big salute to the men and women serving at Ft. Campbell. We know the courage and sacrifice it takes to do what you do, and we want to be part of the celebrations to honor you and your families. From hail and farewells to military balls and every little function in between, our venue can offer the perfect level of sophistication with plenty of fun mixed in to offer you an unforgettable night of celebration.

Just as we’re bringing a big transformation to Clarksville’s cultural scene with our spirits, we’re making a permanent change to how Clarksville hosts events.

Click here for more information and reservation inquiries.


Clarksville’s “Perfect Climate” for Aging Whiskey

September 29, 2015

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Whiskey is made all around the world, but like most everything, certain places simply do it better than others. The correlation between Tennessee and world famous whiskey is more than just name recognition. The science behind what makes great whiskey involves many variables, but there’s one key factor that sets our region apart from anywhere else in the world; the climate.


Clear spirits such as Vodka can be made absolutely anywhere, but whiskey and bourbon on the other hand are a little more particular about where they “grow up.” The barrel warehouses that scatter Tennessee and Kentucky’s landscape are not climate controlled … at all.  In fact, keeping barrels in a climate controlled environment would be detrimental to the aging process. Whiskey needs to interact with the barrel throughout the extremely wide variations in temperature that we experience here in Tennessee. During the Summer months, the pores of the wooden barrels expand and open up allowing the whiskey to soak into the wood. The opposite happens during the Winter when cold temperatures set in. These cold temperatures cause the barrels to contract and push the whiskey that’s been interacting with the wood all summer back out.


A year’s worth of aging in Tennessee and Kentucky are worth much more than a year of aging anywhere else. A year of aging in our region equates to a full and evenly paced aging cycle. Simply put, the more cycles a barrel goes through, the better the product. Barrels of whiskey that grow up in colder climates take much longer to mature, because the time they spend in warm weather is disproportionate compared to the cold. On the other hand, barrels that grow up in strictly hot climates can grow up a little too fast. They can become “oaked” very quickly, but they often lack the required time element to smooth out the young spirit.


Our initial whiskey release, White Hat Whiskey, is a two year “Straight Whiskey” product that will only be available in the distillery gift shop. Our Premium Tennessee Whiskey and Bourbon are both 4 years from release. Sound like a long time? We thought so too … then we looked back on the last 4 years of our life. Time flies!

Jumper’s Stash Rum to Debut January 2016

September 16, 2015


All of our products have deep roots to the Clarksville area, whether it be in the grains we use to craft them or with the people of this town they are crafted around. For this fine spirit, the inspiration came primarily from the brave men and women of the 101st Airborne Division and the Night Stalkers of the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment. Just as the back of our bottle states, we don’t know what could possibly make a seemingly sane person jump from a perfectly sound airplane into harm’s way, but we think it merits a toast.

Rum can be fermented and distilled from any product of sugar cane, but the minimum requirements just don’t cut it for us. Just as the 101st and the 160th recruit the best of the best, we went out in search of the highest quality premium sugar cane molasses for this fine spirit.  Once we crank up production, this product will take 1 week to go from primo molasses to fine bottled rum. Be on the lookout January 2016!


Clarksville’s First “Legal” Moonshine

September 8, 2015


Moonshining runs deep here in Tennessee, and we’re proud to say the craft is still alive and well! We’ve tasted many a jar, and each one embodies the hard work each of these men (and women believe it or not!) put into their product. Through all of our “research,” some of the smoothest and finest we’ve tasted have used wheat as the primary flavor grain. We listened to our taste buds on this one, and developed our recipe with a very nice touch of wheat.

Smooth Shine is just as much a product description as it is the name of this fine spirit. We’ve all had the Shine that you had to fight a small battle just to get down, so we’re taming this Smooth Shine for a drinking experience you’ll be sure to enjoy. Be looking for this fine spirit on shelves and in the distillery gift shop and tasting room January 2016.

P.S. If you’re an apple pie fan, we’ve got something special in the works!