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November 21, 2016

Rounding out the last of our initial trio of spirits, Old Glory Tennessee Vodka is now available! This fine Tennessee spirit is one of a kind and one that we’re particularly proud of for its category. With the vodka being the #1 selling spirit category in the United States, the spirit is not hard to come by, but finding a spirit that is truly craft distilled from grain-to-glass is very hard to find. What does that mean? It means we grind our non-gmo corn (grown locally by Long Vue Farms), cook, ferment, distill, filter, and bottle our Vodka – all from scratch and under our roof. We never buy “GNS” (aka Grain Neutral Spirits or Neutral Grain Spirits) from a massive ethanol factory to be bottled or redistilled as our own. As with everything we do, our give-a-damn runs too high to take any shortcuts. Here’s to taking pride in your craft. Cheers!