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Vodka from Tennessee? You bet.


We’re not ones to stick to the norm or follow the status quo, but we do appreciate our Tennessee heritage and tradition. With this fine spirit, we’re taking these beliefs and distilling our Vodka true to its Tennessee name. One of our state’s primary row crops is corn, and 100% corn is what our vodka will be made from. Earlier this year we partnered with Long Vue Farms, a small operation farming land in Tennessee and Kentucky, to grow our 100% non-GMO corn. After this corn is mashed and fermented, it will first pass through our 23 foot tall distillation column and then into our 500 gallon copper pot still for one final distillation. What comes off of the pot still is great product, but we’re not content leaving it as is. We put one final “Tennessee Touch” on the vodka by filtering it through the same sugar maple charcoal we’ll be using for our Tennessee Whiskey.

But let’s back up … Vodka has to be made from potatoes, right? Actually, vodka can be made from absolutely anything that can go through fermentation … sugar water, grapes, apples, honey, grains, etc… the list is endless. Federal law only requires that vodka be distilled to no less than 190 proof (or 95% alcohol) before it is proofed down to bottling strength … 80 proof for our spirit.

Check back here next week where we’ll be giving you some inside info on what makes our Smooth Shine Tennessee Moonshine truly live up to its name.

How We Fit Into the “Craft” Movement


While the craft beer boom has grown over the past 10 years and remains popular today, we are on the cusp of another boom that will have some roots right here in Clarksville: craft distilling. Since 2003, the number of craft distilleries in the United States has grown from just a few dozen to well over 1,000, and that number is continuing to grow. Home distilling is illegal and therefore hampers some of the creativity that brewers enjoy, but that doesn’t stop licensed distillers from producing innovative products that are different than the same mass-produced spirits we have been stuck with previously.

We at Old Glory are embracing the coming rise in craft distilling and are excited to bring fine craft spirits here to Clarksville. Even the main spirits we are starting out with have unique touches that make them only Old Glory’s. To illustrate this, we’ll begin tomorrow introducing those spirits so you can see our take on “craft”.  Every Tuesday we will post one of our brands along with some insight on how we’ll craft each, so you will know exactly what you’ll be sippin’ on when we open soon!

Spelling Bee: Whiskey or Whisky?

Next time you go pick up a bottle of your favorite distilled spirit, do a little spell check in the whiskey section. You’ll find 2 different spellings – Whiskey and Whisky. The answer to the age old question of “Which one is correct?” is both.

The spelling Whisky – without the “e” – is generally used by whiskies from or influenced by Scotland, Canada, and Japan. It’s a sure bet that you’ll only find “whisky” in the Scotch section.

Here in America, following the status quo isn’t the norm. We always like to step it up a notch, and in this case, step it up a letter.  American (and Irish) whiskeys are traditionally spelled with the “e”. All that being said, you’ll still find a few exceptions from those that attribute their roots and heritage to one of the “Whisky” countries.

If you had any doubts, Old Glory will always be producing Whiskey.

…and we’re off!

Welcome to Old Glory Distilling Company’s blog! We’re excited to introduce these posts to keep everyone connected with Clarksville’s distillery.

Starting off, we’ll be doing regular posts about some of our key partners thus far mixed in amongst regular construction updates and other current happenings. As we surpass that first day of operation, we will evolve to include more updated musings. Want to know the best new recipes to better use your Old Glory spirits? We’ll be posting ‘em. Want to see what goes into some of our experimental batches of moonshine and other specially-flavored products? Check back here.

All that and more… Stay tuned!